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Creative Visuals Dashboard

Creative Visuals Dashboard - Cover Image
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Gumroad Notion

Inspired by some very creative people on Twitter, I began creating and publishing a visual each day.

If you follow me on Twitter you have certainly seen some of my work:

The goal was to distill the idea from a particular quote or piece of information into visual form. This would not only develop my design skills but also allow me to develop a consistent habit of creation.

As of the time of writing this guide, I’ve created just over 30 visuals (one a day for a month) and I can honestly say there are many benefits to this daily practice:

  • My design skills in Figma have improved.
  • My ability to condense a piece of information into a simple visual has also improved.
  • The routine of sitting down each day to create the visual has become second nature.
  • I have connected with a highly engaged audience on Twitter as a result of publishing every day.

Creative Visuals Dashboard

As I continued to create visuals, I began to look for ways to manage them.

I wanted a central place where I could look at visuals I already created.

I also wanted someplace to plan visuals I was thinking of creating.

As I am a regular user of Notion, I decided to create a Dashboard to manage my visuals.

That’s where the Creative Visuals Dashboard came about.

I repurposed the Dashboard I personally use so you can take part in your own visual challenge.

This will help you to build your design skills and develop a consistent habit of creation.

Here’s What You’ll Get

This Creative Visuals Dashboard comes with everything you need to get started with creating visuals:

  • A walkthrough guide to help you get started
  • A system to manage + plan your visuals
  • A visual overview of your published visuals
  • A template with checklists to follow as you create and publish your visual
  • A list of recommended resources for colors, fonts, icons, and illustrations to use in your visuals


Creative Visuals Dashboard Screenshot

Creative Visuals Dashboard Screenshot

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